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Email Forwarding Service

What is Email Forwarding

Have your own domain name and want to have email addresses for the domain, but you don't want to run your own email server.

The simplest way to get easy-to-remember email addresses for the domain is to let forwards your domain emails to existing email addresses.

For example, we can forward sales@yourdomain.com to an existing email address such as yourname@hotmail.com.

Email Forwarding Pricing

There is extra charge $4.00 for domains not registered through dnsExit.com
    5 emails pack - $6.99/year
    10 emails pack - $7.99/year
    20 emails pack - $12.49/year
    50 emails pack - $18.99/year

How to signup email forwarding

Currently, the service only supports domains using dnsExit DNS service. You need to signup an account, setup DNS for your domain. At the DNS for the domain, click on the "Email Forwarding" link at "MX Settings" section to add Email Forwarding Service for the domain.

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